Documentation and reunions:

Judita Matyasova recorded interviews with survivors. Her team documented their memoirs, photos, journals, letters, including materials about their foster families.



Book „Friendship In Spite of Hitler:

Individual stories of teens was published by Judita Matyasova in October 2013 via the Czech publishing house Mladá fronta, a Danish version will be published in autumn 2015 via Vandkunsten Copenhagen publishing house. The book became bestseller in Czech Republic, was awarded by Czech National Literary Fund and won Arnost Lustig Prize for Young Talents. 

English version available here


Documentary film "Into the North" 


A group of Czech teenagers sets out on a journey to the North. Without their parents, teachers or any one else to look after them, they have only each other. That's how their greatest adventure starts. They spend four years in Denmark, an oasis in the midst of raging WWII. Thanks to the countless Danish families and the Danish Women's League for Peace and Freedom, they survive and succeed to start a new life. More than seventy years later they are ready to tell their story. We follow stories of four of the survivors and their foster families in Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Israel.  The film is produced by Mimesis Film and supported by the Czech Film Fund. The world premiere was in November 2015, in Bratislava, Slovakia, for more info about other terms see section News


Dita Persson (nee Edita Krausova), one of our protagonists, during filming in Denmark, September 2014. Photo by Rachael Cerrotti.


Lectures and literary readings:

Judita Matyášová has presented her research at the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem in Israel, the Jewish Museum Stockholm, the Jewish House Copenhagen, the Czech Cultural Centre in Prague, the Anglo-American University of Prague, Chapman University Orange USA, and many other cultural and educational institutions.


Judita Matyášová signing her book in Neoluxor, the biggest bookstore in the Czech Republic, October 2013


Travelling Exhibition:

this thematic exhibition about the life paths of the teens will be aimed at a Czech as well as an international audience. The exhibition includes 10 double-sided posters (roll-up systém) is regularly shown in Czech Republic and Denmark, we are planning presentations all around the world. Example of exhibition poster.



School workhops and Education Materials :

Judita Matyasova is the author of educational workshops for students at secondary schools, she tells the stories of Czech teenagers in Scandinavia and also explains how to record suvivor personal histories. She also contributes eduactional material to the Jewish Museum of Prague.