Our team would like to offer you two main activities – exhibition and lectures. If you sponsor either activity, you will be directly supporting our research world-wide research, especially in Europe, USA and Israel.


Exhibition: “Sophie ́s Choice – The Czech Way“ - Stories of Czech Jewish teenagers in Denmark and Sweden, 1939 – 1945

Author: Judita Matyasova and her research team

Cultural Manager: Zaneta Vavrova

Judita Matyasova and her team offer an exhibition featuring the life stories of Czech Jewish teenagers who were saved in foster families in Denmark and later in Sweden between 1939 – 1945. Czech journalist, Judita Matyasova, is searching for these survivors (now 88 – 89 years old) all around the world. She and her colleagues, historians and photographers,  documenting this unknown chapter of Czech-Danish-Swedish history,.


Exhibition collection includes:

• 10 posters (two-sided) 65 x 200 cm, roll up system

•  First poster includes general text about the story and information about project, other posters include stories of individual survivors,  about life before, during and after the WWII

•  Poster is standing independently in exhibition venue

•  All posters include photos, historical documents and text description

•  Texts are available in Czech, English, other language version are now in process

Here are two possibilities how we can present our project:


1) Rental of the exhibition with author’s presence

We will bring our photo collection to the exhibition site and install them in an appropriate place.  This option is possible only after discussion with the project manager, Judita Matyasova and  depends on our current exhibition schedule and availability.

If a cultural organization choose this option, the following fees will apply:

•  Rental fee for exhibition (420 euro for exhibition packet)

•  Travel fee for Judita Matyasova, project manager. (This fee includes two journeys from Prague to exhibition site and back, which involves setup and preparations, as well as dismantling and removal of the exhibition materials.)

•  Accommodations fee for Judita Matyasova.  This fee includes accommodations for three nights (two nights before the event and one night after).


2) Rental of the exhibition

We rent the exhibition according to the individual needs and requests of cultural organizations. 

If an organization choose this option, the following fees apply:

•  Rental fee: 420 euro for the exhibition packet. If there is request for another language version, it has to be discussed individually with cultural manager, Zaneta Vavrova with translation costs paid by the cultural organization. 

•  Transport and insurance fee: This includes transport and insurance of photographs from Prague to cultural organization and back.View to exhibition venue with installed collection


We also offer accompanying program: Lecture by author Judita Matyasova

Every individual from the group of Czech Jewish teenage group has a very special personal story, and Judita Matyasova has been investigating, discovering and researching these stories. Every step brings another one, every clue another story. Like pieces of one big puzzles, they reveal how the group of teens lived before the war, how they spent time in Denmark and Sweden, and also how their lives changed after end of the war. During her lecture, Matyášová speaks about the results of her research. She will present historical photographs, documents and diaries of these teens. After the lecture will be an open public discussion.


Fee for lecture: 300 Euro

Accommodation for 2 nights

Travel fees from Prague (Czech Republic) – place of lecture – Prague

Daily fee: 50 Euro/day

Duration of lecture:60 minutes

Language: Czech, English, Spanish


Equipment necessary for lecture: projector, projection screen, microphone

If you are interested in our offers please contact our cultural manager: